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Your wedding day should be everything you've ever dreamed of. After all, you've probably been imagining this day since you were a little girl. In Bellisimo Events we love making dreams come true, from the first steps of planning to the final dance and everything in between, we'll make sure your most special day goes perfectly from start to finish.

We believe that developing a planner-client relation is the key to our success. We take time to customize a personal experience based on what you envision for your wedding day. Whether you want your occasion to be large or small, simple or elaborate, traditional or contemporary, you can have peace of mind knowing that Bellisimo Events will be at your side making sure that everything will go just as you have imagined.

Creating the perfect wedding goes beyond choosing the dream venue or dress, it’s more about finding the elements that suit you better and blending them into an unforgettable experience. We believe that every wedding should be a distinctly personal celebration, our design philosophy revolves around that, so we pride ourselves on the creation of designs that reflects the very essence of who you are, your individuality, your style and your love story. We will give you a wedding that you, your family and friends will remember for a lifetime.

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She captured what we wanted perfectly, making our wedding not only beautiful but deeply personal. Exceeded expectations!


"Her professionalism and passion made our wedding a dream come true. Belén guided us to perfection"...


"Thanks to Belén, our wedding exceeded our dreams. Her creativity and smooth execution won everyone's hearts."


“Belen turned our vision into a fairy tale. Her elegance and attention to detail made our day unforgettable”

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About me

My journey into wedding planning began unexpectedly, a twist of fate discovered during my college years when I serendipitously helped organize a friend's wedding. That experience unveiled my true calling, and from that moment, I knew creating magical moments for couples was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. This epiphany led me to shift my path, leaving behind my initial career to dive into the world of weddings.

Today, with 30 years dedicated to wedding planning, my passion for bringing couples' dreams to life remains as strong as the first day. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of working with numerous clients, from intimate celebrations to grand events, collaborating with talented professionals, and crafting weddings that are not just events, but memorable, personalized experiences.

Now, based in Miami, Florida, I continue to dedicate myself to transforming couples' wishes into tangible realities, ensuring that each wedding is as unique and special as the love that inspires it.

Bellisimo Events Miami

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